August 1

Digital Tools Booklet

Thanks to Lizzie Chase from School Libraries and Information Literacy Unit, NSW Department of Education and Communities for sharing this booklet. This booklet contains instructions for the use of some favourite Web 2.0 tools.

Digital Tools Booklet

April 5


Storybird has been created by collaborating with artists and enthusiasts to produce fun, simple tools to make short, visual stories.

Children can: get inspired by art by browsing “story art” from a growing list of artists and start a story with their pictures or explore themes by clicking on any of the tags to see artwork associated with that keyword. It definitely engages children in narrative writing.



February 8

Choosing Great Books

Do you find it hard to find a book that is “just right” for you? Here are some hints on choosing a “Good Fit” book.

An important part of becoming a successful independent reader is being able to choose “good fit” books. In the library we have started learning how to choose good fit books. Read below to find out more about what a “good fit” book is and how to find one.

I PICK Good Fit Books

1. I choose a book

2. P urpose – Why do I want to read it?

3. I nterest – Does it interest me?

4. C omprehend – Do I understand what I am reading?

5. K now – Do I know most of the words?

Another way to find a “good fit” book is to use the five finger test. Just use this very simple strategy to select a book that is just right for you.


The final great ways to find a “Good Fit” book are to find an author you enjoy or to read the first book in a series. If you love them you have ready made reading for weeks (or months) to come as you continue on your reading adventure!


October 9

Interactive Maths Resources

Here are some wonderful Maths sites with interactive resources suitable for K-6. Please share what you find most useful with your colleagues.

309033517_35355689e0  Model your Maths problems. Available as free iPad apps   Curriculum aligned interactive activities K-6  Activities and lessons Logical reasoning and problem solving  Students can make their own online games IWB Maths resources for all ages Challenging Maths puzzles for all ages

July 5

Narrative Writing

With narrative writing being the focus this term here are some sites that might help you in your classroom.   A fun way to demonstrate the narrative structure. is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. The object is to put the right words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story, and meaning of the picture. Includes a gallery and lessons as well. Fun, simple tools to make short, visual stories. Fun fairytale generator. Great for narratives!!   Fun with story starters Character Generator   Creating a narrative – use big screen with sound FICTION WITH A TWIST blog – narrative writing Inspiring writing PrimaryPad is a web based word processor that allows students and teachers to work together in real time. Great for joint constructions and group story writing. Jenny Eather’s writing for fun new site Web 2.0 tools and examples of their use in digital story telling Storyboarding activities